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What's the first thing that comes to mind when you think of parking decks? It's most likely the fact that large concrete structures need structural integrity to hold heavy weight loads. Durability is critical, and waterproofing unquestionably helps. That's why polyurea coatings are a top application consideration.

One of the most distinguished properties of polyurea is its versatility. Consequently, few materials can compete with their adaption to concrete structures. For starters, it well exceeds the integrity of the untreated concrete. Next, there are few problems concerning adhesion or shrinkage. No doubt, the idea of sealing out moisture is critical when building parking decks.

Parking Decks Need Protection

Like bridges, parking decks have a steady stream of heavy vehicles moving through. The common passenger car weighs around 4-5,000 pounds. When you multiply that times garage space, there's a clear need for structural integrity.

Why Polyurea?

Cement might be strong on its own. In many circumstances, parking decks are not solely constructed of cement. Although steel supplements some stability, it also comes with its own set of problems. Here are some reasons polyurea coatings are excellent for parking decks made of concrete and steel:

  • Combats moisture exposure and corrosion
  • Shields against abrasions to concrete
  • Fills in cracks caused by weather exposure
  • Protects against changes in temperature
  • It contains a chemical resistance component.

When it comes to existing parking structures, there are anxieties regarding surface preparation before application. Be that as it may, it is important to speak with a company that offers sound technical guidance regarding its product. ArmorThane is an excellent example of a company that prides itself on discussing all aspects of the job.

One principal concern in developing parking decks for polyurea coatings is contamination. As a matter of course, sitting cars may leak oil or other fluids. Vehicles may also trail in salt used for protection against ice or snow. Additionally, tire frictions can create large cracks and abrasions. Since polyurea acts as a sealant, it is more effective when the surface is accurately prepared.

Surface preparation is the initial step in polyurea coating application. The fact that the application works in both humid and colder temperatures is an added plus. Set up can be done quicker than most other types of products. Polyurea also cures swiftly and therefore allows only a slight time lapse in a return to parking availability.


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